My name is Helge Sverre

Hey there, my name is Helge Sverre!

I am a professional developer from Norway, living in Bergen, I am currently employed by ABAX, which is a company that develop and sell vehicle tracking devices and triplog solutions, I am part of the dev-team in Bergen, which formed after ABAX purchased the startup I previously worked for called FrontTek.

I am fluent in PHP, a Zend Certified PHP Engineer and consider myself more of a back-end developer, althought I am fully capable of working with front-end technology.

In my spare time I like to read books and tutorials on various programming languages, design patterns and techniques to further develop my understanding and knowledge of PHP and programming in general.

More about me...

Client Testimonial

Helge was excellent in every way. I was pleasantly surprised at his depth of knowledge, and his willingness to go the extra mile to get the project done right. I felt at ease while working with him, as I knew the web project was in safe and experienced hands!.

Latest blog posts


A few web development projects I have worked on in the past.

Reconiz Landing Page


Reconiz is an american startup who has developed a very cool iOS app in the entertainment/celebrity niche, they needed a web developer to translate their design into a fully working website, I was very happy with how the website turned out, I recommend checking it out.

Lomotif Landing Page


Lomotif is a startup from Singapore, they had created a nifty iOS app that let the user add music to instagram videos, creating your own music videos, they had a design that they wanted to be coded into a website to put online, I was the person they picked for the task.

CloudBeast web design


A design I created for a web hosting service, I focused on having a lot of whitespace, without any clutter, i think it turned out nicely.

LanceBilling web design


A fictional product pre-launch landing page that I designed and coded, the website is fully responsive, lightweight and minimal.

I am a Zend Certified PHP Engineer

On the , I took and passed the Zend Certified PHP Engineer
Exam by Zend Technologies and received the ZCE diploma and certification.
For verification my Client Candidate ID is ZEND027250.

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